Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Mrs. Moore.

How long is this now? I cain’t be gone long. My family ain’t supposed to know about this.

Not long. Let’s begin, shall we? How did you get your start in your profession of monster-hunting?

Okay. Right to it then. Well, back in New York, 1842, my roommate came home late. I liked to stay out an listen to the world but had spied a strange occurrence. She saw it too, that night – a dance of light an color. She got too close, it whipped around her an dragged her into nothin. I could not go on like nothin happened an so began my pursuit for answers. Now, whenever I see evil creatures tryin such tactics, I end em.

What do you hope to achieve in your lifetime?

While I’d love an end to the evils of the world, I must remain content that I’m doin my part to stimy what I can. I am only one person, but one person can do a heap.

Can you describe the most horrible creature you’ve seen?

Huh. Well, I’ve seen a lot of things. Some worse than others. Sometimes the simplest of horrors turn out to be the worst. Didn’t look like much but it did the most damage outta anything I ever saw. Little specks of fire, they looked like. Just tiny sparks, an just two of em, an they burned down half a city in less than a day.

What brings you joy?

Aside from stabbin cultists an beheadin undead? Well, in all honesty, I am a mother. You’d think it’d be my son’s smilin face. But there is such glee an vigor that fills me every time I vanquish evil. My husband once told me it was an obsession. I suppose that is accurate, as I cain’t NOT hunt. Those things are out there. I’d never forgive myself if they came for my family, again. An what about the rest of the world? Should I stop what I’m doin an let evil things do what they do, knowin what I know and me able to put an end to em? I cain’t do that.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Not a damn thing. Ain’t nothin wrong with me.

Do you have any hobbies? (Brina)

Woodcarvin. Small figures; usually of the things I’ve dispatched. It’s the only thing that helps take my mind off not huntin, but then I gotta burn em. Cain’t have my family seein such twisted effigies an questionin their inspiration.

Would you rather fight one horse-sized chicken or one hundred chicken-sized horses? (Allegedly Dave)

One hunnerd chicken-sized horses. They’d be good eatin’, too. A giant chicken’d take too long to pluck an cook.

What was the closest you’ve come to being beaten by a monster? (Mr. Spike)

The vampiress. She beat me twice but we got her in the end. Not without sacrifice, however…

Does the existence of such powerful creatures make you lose faith or hope? (Desmond Anka)

Not a bit, but I’m bull-headed. Mankind is by far the most prolific, two-faced type of critter out there. I have no doubt we’ll survive, if just on guts an spite alone.

Do you have any regrets?

Not bein there for my son. Oh, an lettin out that damn vampiress.

What do you fear most? (A Pint Of Cthulhu)

Becomin a monster unfit to ever be near my son again.

What is your greatest weakness?

Perhaps my boy. Perhaps my own bull-headedness. Tough to say for sure.

What has been your toughest fight so far?

Gettin out of a box.

A box?

Just a little humor. Yep. I found myself on a penal colony off the coast of Greece. Took me so long to get outta there… Well, let’s just leave it at things weren’t the same when I got back home.

One final question: Do you have any future plans?

Boy, I feel lucky havin survived as long as I have. I ain’t a young gal anymore. Maybe some quiet in my mind, so that I can get to enjoyin quiet in my life? It seems a far dream, as that pervadin itch to kill evil critters al’ays seems to rear its ugly head after a time.