After reading her first Anne McCaffrey book at the age of 15, Jade Griffin was inspired to write. The passion has never wavered and she is constantly creating. Inspired by children, cats, dinosaurs, Cub Scouts, and other authors and illustrators, she can’t put words out fast enough to capture the colors of the worlds that come into her mind. She is currently the Illustrator Coordinator for SCBWI Nevada, author/illustrator for the long-running fairytale-superhero webcomic 56 SHARDS, author/illustrator for the column/comic “Author Ity” in Nevada SCBWI’s WriteRiders newsletter, and is completing the design work, art, and written material for the National Automobile Museum’s Pinewood Derby Lego Build-It Display.

Though her usual genre is sci-fi and fantasy, discovering the tabletop roleplaying game Call of Cthulhu© Chaosium has lit her imagination down a darker path of Lovecraftian horror. With the publication of the first in a series of Call of Cthulhu© ttrpgs, Amor Fati: Taken For Granite, on, a new flame was lit under her and the next three are due for release in Spring, Summer, and Winter of 2022. The Journal of Lacy Anderson Moore not only marks her debut into horror short stories, it is also a companion novel to the rpg series Amor Fati and therefore both a player handout and a minor mythos tome.

Jade Griffin lives in the high desert of northern Nevada with her husband, two kids, and a various array of pets from several Phylum of Animalia.

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