I wrote and illustrated a column/comic combo in the SCBWI’s Nevada Chapter Newsletter WriteRiders:

Author Ity 1 Author Ity 2 Author Ity 3 Author Ity 4
Author Ity 6 Author Ity 7 Author Ity 8 Author Ity 9
Author Ity 10 Author Ity 11 Author Ity 12 Author Ity 15

I write and illustrate the webcomic 56 Shards:

Dorothy Loses It Bad Hat Trick Clockwork Mongoose

I love writing and fan fiction is included in that.
From Disney cartoons to the Men In Black franchise, here are some samples:

“Trivergence” – The Dark Crystal prequel “All Turn” – Shamanic Princess anime sequel “Alkymi & Chaosi” – Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears “End Things” – MIB / Gargoyles crossover

For the full fanfiction stories of the titles above, visit my fanfiction.net page.