Amor Fati 1: Taken For Granite

Anneliese Chadwick character sheet Drew McDermott character sheet George Ames character sheet Hyacinth Clarke character sheet Ruth-Anne Moore character sheet Theo Granger character sheet
Handout 1: “Taken For Granite” NPC portraits Handout 2: 1922 map of Graniteville, VT Handout 3: Church Flyer Handout 4: Dr. Herz journal page 1 Handout 5: Dr. Herz journal page 2 Handout 6: Dr. Herz journal page 3 Handout 7: Dr. Herz journal page 4
Handout 8: “So You’re A Host” Handout 9: Lacy Moore journal page #1 Handout 10: Lacy Moore ring Handout 11a: Hannity’s letter to Anneliese Handout 11b: envelope for Maddox letter Handout 11c: Maddox letter Handout 11d: Maddox ad clipping
Handout 12: Boston P.O. Box key Handout 13a: “Great Beast Of Fate” partial translation #1 Handout 13b: “Great Beast Of Fate” partial translation #2 Handout 14a: Pastor Ward letter #1 Handout 14b: envelope for Pastor Ward letter #1